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Start fresh every day. What happened yesterday is finished. Today is a new day. Act accordingly.

Daily Devotional

"Have an awesome week in class!"

Everything depends on you and your relationship with God. If you start the morning with Him – it’ll be easier for you to be kind to your spouse, easier for you to have good words for that parent who has been bugging you, easier for you to appreciate the 1st-graders’ art, easier for you to encourage the discouraged.
Without that connection you’ll be relying on your own personality and health rather than God’s endless reservoir of “anything you might need.”  
Here are a couple of suggestions for improving the connection this week:
a. Meditate on Jeremiah 29, Isaiah 49, and Colossians 3.
b. Look up all the references to Barnabas in Acts. How can you develop the traits that made him such a trustworthy friend? How is his relationship with John Mark similar to your relationship with your school staff?

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