Wyoming Valley Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School

Sammy Moreno has not missed a day of school and that makes him a record holder.

Sammy's teacher, Mrs. Peggy Buck, says his good attendance streak is
impressive...so that has put this bright second grader in the
And what may be even more impressive is that you won't find an alarm
clock in Sammy's room blaring in the wee hours of the morning to wake
this 8-year old.
Sammy's mother says her son is as dependable as a rooster.
No bleary eyed boy here.
Sammy wakes up on his own every morning at 7. No need for an alarm
clock with this young man...his mother sums in up in one word.
He never needs prodding to begin his day.
He is the only student at Wyoming Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church
in Mountain Top to
Sammy's mother also attributes his perfect attendance to the fact that
Sammy really rarely gets sick.

So what secret to good health and good attendance does this family keep?
Sammy's mother, says her son loves to eat fruit and vegetables and he
is very active.
He also eats a mostly vegetarian diet and gets a good night of sleep.
Sammy is in bed most every night by 8:30.
His morning routine is simple.
Sammy wakes up at 7, dresses himself, then goes downstairs for breakfast.
He finds his backpack and is out the door and on the bus by 7:45... he
is efficient, too!

One might think the main reason for his attendance incentive is that
if he shows up more, he learns more, but his mom says it's really all
because he wakes up each school day excited to see his friends!



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