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Dear Parent,

At WVSDAE school input from our parents is important to us. We welcome your ideas and encourage you to share your concerns with us. Often parents want to know about the best way to share their input with the school. The answer to that question depends on the nature of the topic. If the input involves a particular classroom, the teacher should be the first contact. The classroom teacher knows the most about what is happening in a particular classroom and is the one most able to answers questions or deal with classroom issues. If the concern is of a general school nature the principal is the best person to address. 

The next question is, “What if I don’t get satisfaction with that first contact?” The vast majority of concerns will be cared for with that very first contact, but there are times when further discussion is needed.  If that doesn’t bring a satisfactory answer the next step is the WVSDAE School Board Chairman. At his discretion the issue may be placed on the school board agenda and presented before all members. Please contact us just as soon as something concerns you. It doesn’t pay to just let it go. 
We are glad that you have chosen to bring your child to WVSDA elementary school.  Let’s work together and for the benefit of our children and in service to the Lord.     

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