Wyoming Valley Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School

As another school year comes to a close, the board of the Wyoming Valley Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School wishes to congratulate the following students on attainment of high honors. Bridget Baksa, Steven Baksa, Adam McElwee and Luis Moreno were honor roll students for all 4 marking periods this year!!!

The board also wishes to recognize the hard work of a few people who's love for the children is evidenced by the time they spend with the students.

Our students are blessed to have weekly music instruction. Mr. George Buck has done a wonderful job of teaching the children a few of the many instruments he plays. All of our children have learned, and in most cases, mastered various types of recorders (alto, tenor and soprano) thanks to Mr. Buck's efforts.

Many of our students also receive piano instruction from Ms. Shirlee Jones, who also serves as the chairperson of the School Board. Thanks to Shirlee's loving efforts, over 50 people were treated to the school's first ever Piano Recital this year, with classical pieces performed by 8 students ranging in age from 5-12!

We believe that musical instruction is important to a child's overall development but the main focus of our school is twofold: a quality, personalized education and preparation for a life of service for Jesus Christ. Our teacher and principal, Mrs. Peggy Buck, has done a wonderful job on both accounts. The responsibilities of our teachers are sometimes overwhelming and we'd like to offer our deepest thanks to Peggy for guaranteeing our student's' continued development!

Our school is also blessed to have who we believe to be the finest Kindergarten/Pre-K teacher in the area, Mrs. Wilma Howard. The student's preparation for the primary classroom is absolutely complete following a year (or two) under Wilma's direction. 

The Lord has richly blessed us with not one, but two gifted teachers!!!

Finally, no flock can reach it's destination without a good, caring shephard. Our sheep are blessed each and every week with visits from Pastor Troy and Jennifer Haagenson. Troy and Jennifer not only lead the children in additional worship but lead out in song services as well. They also happen to be the student's favorite play pals during physical education classes, spelling Mrs. Kathy Baksa from her normal PE duties! All of this is accomplished while presiding over 3 local churches! Thank you both for sharing your love with the children, both young and old.

God bless all involved in the care and growth of our children! We look forward to the start of another blessed school year!
476 Third St • Mountain Top, PA, 18707 • 570-868-5958